Everyone appreciates a masterpiece,

Only a noob does not.

Seems a little noob these days

Why fix it

It does not matter which is newer, they are still Pros.

The Longest Warranty

Ever for a MacBook

** Warranty for 365 Days **

The one and only at QuickFix

Introducing the First World-Class Triple Check SOP

Step 1
Issues Verification

Verify existing problems of MacBook with customer.

Step 2
Pre-service Diagnostic

Our technicians will run a detailed diagnostic to identify the root of the problem.

Step 3
Post Service Checking

Once repaired, your MacBook will be tested thoroughly to ensure everything is in the perfect condition.

Ready parts are as rare as a masterpiece,

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MacBook Pro Problems Breakdown

Even a Pro may slip up occasionally. Give your MacBook Pro a hand and it will get back to its best.

Common MacBook Problems and Level of Repairs

MacBook Pro Repair – Level 1
Software, formatting, data recovery, settings

Can be solved after 72 hours

MacBook Pro Repair – Level 2
Broken keyboard, unresponsive trackpad, shattered glass, damaged LCD, screen replacement, battery replacement, silent speakers, malfunction front camera, faulty wifi connector, spoilt hard disk cable

Can be fixed within 2 hours

MacBook Pro Repair – Level 3
Damaged Graphics card, blue screen, blank screen, Apple logo only, corrupted hard disk, busted logic board, faulty ram slot

May take 7 – 10 working days depending on the state of the issue

Need professional help?
We are the experts in helping the Pros.

Choose to Reuse

Be like a Pro,
Make the right choice,
Start saving our Planet by reusing your MacBook.