If a versatile tool like this cannot satisfy you,

Nothing can.

Something feels different

Why fix it

A newer version won’t increase your mobility.
You will still need to hold it while using.

The Longest Warranty Ever for an iPad

** 2 Years of Warranty **

The one and only at QuickFix

Introducing the First World-Class Triple Check SOP

Step 1
Issues Verification
Verify existing problems of iPad with customer

Step 2
Pre-service Diagnostic
Our technicians will run a detailed diagnostic to identify the root of the problem

Step 3
Post Service Checking
Once repaired, your iPad will be tested thoroughly to ensure everything is in the perfect condition.

Ready parts are like batteries, They can only last for so long,

So book an appointment with us Now before there is nothing left!

iPad Problems Breakdown

There are 1.3million apps for the iPad.
The stress can be overwhelming
Give it a pat and it will get back up in no time.

Common iPad Problems and Level of Repairs

iPad Repair – Level 1

Software, formatting, configurations

Can be solved within 30 minutes

iPad Repair – Level 2

Shattered glass, damaged LCD, screen replacement, battery replacement, silent speaker, malfunction front or rear camera, unresponsive home button or power button

Can be fixed within 120 minutes

iPad Repair – Level 3

Touch screen issues, blank screen, charging issues, corrupted hard disk, wifi connection problems, damaged logic board

May take 3 – 5 working days depending on the state of the issue

Fixing your devices is not our forte,
Renewing it is.

Choose to Reuse

It is built to go wherever you want,
But not into the bin.
Reusing your iPad will help saves the earth.